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Astound Technologies is a privately held company, delivering solutions that empower your business for superior performance. Our GPower products leverage and enhance, rather than replace, your business' existing applications and resources. GPower solutions reduce costs, diminish turnover, and enhance customer loyalty.

Astound Technologies provides GPower Video ACD, an Automatic Call Distributor for ad hoc video conference requests. It allows you to establish one or more ACD Groups that specialize in products/services, ASL or other languages, and functions. Our ACD routes video requests to the appropriate Group and distributes those requests equally amongst the available Agents/Interpreters.

Astound Technologies has integrated its GPower solutions with the major vendors of CRM and Help Desk Applications to deliver Out-of-the-Box multi-media capabilities to the desktop. Multi-media routing, Screen Pop, ACD statistics, and agent performance evaluation criteria features empower the agent to provide superior performance. The integration of IVR/VRU technology allow for customer self-service and continuity of service when the request is handled by an agent. Recording interfaces provide quality assurance and regulation adherence. The focus for GPower is to deliver solutions for affordable and effective implementation in small to medium size Contact Centers.

Agents are able to handle more calls in less time because GPower gathers and delivers caller information in the appropriate Microsoft application window when the call arrives at the agent's workstation. In addition, GPower dynamically delivers critical status and activity information to the agent and to management that enables the agent to deliver a consistently higher level of customer service.

GPower delivers an exceptional solution for both reducing call length and streamlining the work flow of typical contact center work processes. GPower enables management and agent alike to monitor contact center status and respond to dynamic information feedback to maintain consistently high service performance levels. GPower also has an effect on your bottom line by minimizing turnover and training expenses.

At Astound Technologies, our resolve is to be the premier provider of empowering solutions for the multi-media, Contact Center.