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The Brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than text.

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GPower Video Solutions

GPower Video ACD is an Enterprise wide Visual Collaboration solution. It provides an Automatic Call Distributor for ad hoc
video conference requests.It allows you to establish one or more ACD Groups that specialize in Help Desk, Customer Service,
Remote Collaboration, etc. It supports American Sign Language (ASL) or other languages. Our ACD routes video requests to
the appropriate Group and distributes those requests equally amongst the available Specialists. Queuing is used to hold
video requests when Specialists are not available. As soon as a Specialist is available for the video group requested, the
video conference is established between the caller (requester) and the Specialist. Alternatively, ACD routing allows callers
(requesters) to be routed to a locator or receptionist or night calling group. From there, the locator can locate an appropriate
Specialist and transfer/conference the requester and Specialist. The latter mimics the current medical processes for finding a
Specialist. GPower Video ACD gives companies a competitive edge to perform their jobs more rapidly and with greater effectiveness.
With GPower’s web application, you can capture data from your customer for billing. Alternatively, powerful high-level APIs are
available for customization of your application.


Collaboration is critical for coordinating patient care and lowering healthcare costs. However Caregivers,
with their constant movement and hectic schedules, struggle with a major problem:
- the inability to spontaneously communicate and collaborate.

Our solution saves lives by reducing the response time for a specialist to see a patient. This results in better patient outcomes
and reduced readmissions. These are all issues that the CEO and CMO are concerned about.

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• Collaboration solution to get doctors/caregivers and specialists educated and cooperatively working with one another.
• Reduces consultation time from (76-139 minutes) to less than five. Critical for ER consultations.
• Reduces hospital admissions by getting specialists involved immediately instead of waiting 3 weeks for an appointment.
• Visual collaboration calls are always answered.
• Specialists can push out URLs and videos/audio files to participants.
• Slashes cost-10% of traditional telemedicine system solutions.
• Overcomes technological limitations-Scales to large enterprise networks.
• Integrates-Operates with existing procedures for quick adoption.
• Intuitive-Complements how specialists work.


• Video Contact Center
• Video Relay Interpreting (VRI), including American Sign Language (ASL)
• Sales Help Desk
• IT Help Desk
• Medical Specialist Consultation
• Catalogue Sales
• Expert Witness/Court proceedings
• Concierge Service